Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Blessings

In the month of December, we say good bye to cooler days and accept the not-so-welcoming cold days as the seasons change. Autumn ends and winter begins. We winterize our automobiles and homes, pull out the thick wool coats with scarves and gloves. We prepare our holiday menus and make plans to spend with family and friends. We may even attend our company Christmas party to "shake a tailfeather" or two. But what many fail to realize is that giving a fellow coworker a gift around the holidays leaves much to be desired when you have treated that person like the dirt on the bottom of a shoe throughout the entire year. And then some. The constant backbiting and utter lack of respect shown on a daily basis cannot be atoned for by a simple gift wrapped box. To say Merry Christmas and accept freely is not the same as saying "I am sorry." Cruel intentions and blatant untruths towards anyone, coworker or not, cannot be erased with a candy cane or Christmas card and gift.
The holidays are meant to be shared and it allows for us to reflect over the past 11 months and to remember that a boy child was born in a horse stable, who would bring men to their knees and save the lost. WWJD - what would Jesus do? Well, I will tell you what he wouldn't do. He would not falsely accuse a colleague of a senseless act. He would not lie to their face. And he would not kick a man, or woman, when they are down.
Michael Jackson made corrections to his band in his final rehearsal and what many people can relate to as the Last Call. He said "this is all in love.L-O-V-E." And a lot of what we do should all be in love. So as we wrapped those gifts and prepared to share with loved ones and friends, are we doing it all in L-O-V-E or is some of it in G-U-I-L-T? We are to be of good cheer and be sincere when we give gifts, not just at Christmas, but whenever we give. If people believe that wrapping a present and giving it to someone with whom you can't even get along with at work is a way to DO THE RIGHT THING or make good at Christmas, it is not. It is just a way for the giver to feel good and free them of the guilty conscience.

The real holiday blessings come in the face of remembering the reason for the season. And it isn't about giving a gift just for the sake of it. Sharing love. Jesus.