Monday, November 22, 2010

On Becoming an Author

I have been on this journey since 2007, when I began writing my first novel while visiting my future husband's family in Bermuda. It Is What It Is was birthed while I sat on the seashore and my son and future husband were fishing. This was a story I held on to for some time, and my desire to write never waned.

This journey has been like a roller coaster, mostly with ups and not many downs, fortunately. I was blessed to have the TEAM that my mentor Ananda Leeke spoke about last year when I first met her. In addition to her recommendations, I was blessed to have an artist for a husband, who I let design my book cover and website. I also reconnected with a childhood friend, Khadijah Ali-Coleman, who is the editor of my novel.

The excitement that I feel now as I felt when I first started is still the same.

To see my book in its final stage has been absolute feelings of exuberance and a HUGE sense of accomplishment. I started my story to tell my "love story" and it turned into a fiction with much drama. When Khadijah told me that I was "holding back", I hung my head because I knew she was right. By following her direction and listening to her pointers, I just jumped in and moved forward. She pulled it out of me, and when I read my book from start to finish, I screamed. My actual words were "This is the freaking BOMB! SAY WHAAAAT!"

My sentiments were shared by three special people who were given a pre-release copy of It Is What It Is. One of them said "I love your quotes and a true reader will have no problem immersing themselves in the story." I was literally tickled pink.

Another reader said she visualized the places I describe in the book, placing herself there as she read along.

Like Kem says in his song "Matter of Time" from his latest CD:

"You are right where you are supposed to be

Everything is in divine order.

Nothing happens under God's creation without His eye upon it.

There is a divine appointment for everything that takes place in your life.

So just relax, let it's a matter of time."

Thanks to everyone who has followed me on Facebook, Twitter, and recognizing my desire to get this book done. There is more to come. Thanks for being patient and waiting on me. This was truly a journey that I will never forget.

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  1. Way to go Karen.I'm very proud of you for pursuing your dreams relentlessly, while holding it down.