Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 was different this year.
We decorated and put up the tree on Christmas EVE! (Caleb had fun passing us all of the ornaments and just putting them anywhere on the tree.)
I had recruited Jordan to help me decorate the dialysis unit where I work.
(Well, I had to bribe him with a few candy canes in order for him to help out.)
But, it worked.

And since he did such a wonderful job, I knew he would love to decorate the tree with his 2 year old brother! And they had a fun time. Caleb stayed up until right before midnight and still woke up at seven a.m.! I just made him get in our bed and watch Sprout until we were ready to get up.

This Christmas we were not able to spend the holiday with my aunt and uncle like we do every year, because my aunt had pneumonia. It was hard for her, as well as us, to not be able to be with the family, but we needed her to get well and not get anyone else in the family sick. Our day was smooth, and quiet, except for the drum set that we got for Caleb! He played along with Sesame Street and Veggie Tales, putting on a show for us. We had a nice breakfast and for dinner, we had one of my husband's favorite dishes: curry shrimp. Yummy!
I didn't get to cook! Aww, man! (said with a smile on my face :)

Later, that evening, we drove to the home of one of my Army nurse buddies from Walter Reed. She was surprised to see us, and another dialysis nurse was there, also. It was good to get out for a little bit and it was good to be off from work for four days straight! Working outpatient dialysis can really wear you down, from the long days that turn into long nights! Whew! So, it was a welcomed blessing to be able to have my family time all at one lump time.

My husband, Nakia, surprised me with a Kindle. He knew that was all I asked for, and I knew he couldn't get it for me because it was practically sold out. Loving to read until the wee hours of the morning, this was a gift that he would be getting his money's worth!

The time that we shared this Christmas meant more to me because we were all together, I didn't have to be on call, nor use vacation time just to be home. Family members participated in holiday devotionals and we were able to read each other's memories about past holiday times.

Christmas is not about the gifts we give or receive, but of spending quality time with family and friends to reflect on the reason for the season: Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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