Friday, January 14, 2011

He Keeps on Blessing Me

He keeps on blessing me
even when I'm not worthy
even when I doubt
even when I fail.
He keeps on blessing me.

I looked far and wide
when He said to look near
when He said to listen
when He said to surrender.
He keeps on blessing me.

When I couldn't see the light
at the end of the tunnel
when I closed my eyes
at the end of each day
as the tears ran down my face;
when I forgave myself,
because He forgave me.
He keeps on blessing me.

He keeps on blessing me
answering every prayer
hearing every cry.
He keeps on blessing me.

Last year was a challenging year for my family, but we kept the faith. When we thought all hope was lost, the Lord stepped in right on time and picked us up. Stress had become my new best friend, and bitterness was my passenger in the car. I carried my hurt and feelings of "why me?" day in and day out. While wearing a smile on the outside, I was crying on the inside.
Yet, I pushed forward and I leaned not on my own understanding.
I cried out and waited on Him to hear me.
Are you there? Do you see me struggle? Lord, please help us. Help me. I don't like feeling like this. Where do I turn? Show me the way.

He never left me.
He blessed me with a new job.
Then he blessed me with a second new job and a promotion.
He blessed my husband with a job offer. Hallelujah!
My best friend, Stress, left me and Bitterness was ejected from the car.
A smile remained on the outside, but the crying stopped on the inside.
Sometimes we feel like all hope is gone.
But there is hope.
He told me so.
And He keeps on blessing me.

And now, I must write....some more.

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